Let your legacy be told through the stories of the lives you have changed. Nothing is better than having someone else praise the good work you do for others. Don’t listen just to Dr. Luff, see what others have to say about him and the services he can provide to you and your organization.

“I have such fond memories of our meeting in the White House and, of course, [Doug’s] terrific speech at Northeastern University’s commencement.”
Bill Clinton

United States of America

Former President

“Dr. Luff welcomed our entire Bonsall Unified School District staff back to school this year with a moving keynote presentation about his incredible life experiences and how they were shaped by the educators in his life. Our theme this year is Belong, Believe, Achieve, and Dr. Luff’s message beautifully embodies the interconnectedness among these three ideas. Through powerful storytelling filled with humor, wisdom, and passion, Dr. Luff inspired our community to consider how we can set our students up for success. His journey motivates all of us to recognize the importance of having that one special adult in your school life. Thank you, Dr. Luff!”
Dr. Heather Golly, Ed. D

Bonsall Unified School District

Executive Director of Educational Services

“Dr. Doug Luff’s keynote at Feaster Charter School’s opening day was truly inspirational! His masterful blend of captivating stories, genuine inspiration, and profound learning opportunities left our staff inspired and ready to start the school year. As we reflected on our “why,” Dr. Luff’s presentation not only reignited our passion for education but also provided practical strategies to enhance our teaching approaches. An unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our school community.”
Meagan Ramirez

Feaster Charter School

Interm STEM Principal

“I heard Dr. Luff speak at a national educational conference in San Diego and thought he would be a great keynote speaker for our upcoming convocation and I was so right! We were truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have him share his story and motivate us for the new school year. He delivered something to our district that was so powerful. Dr. Luff was uplifting, funny, and encouraging and his storytelling and vulnerability have impacted our school district forever. He had us wanting more and we want to bring him back to our community to impact more lives!”
Jesica Rendo Arello

Canutillo Independent School District

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction

“I had the opportunity to listen to your keynote speech last Friday. I must admit it was one of the best keynote speeches I have ever heard. It really spoke to me about the impact of educators on children both positively and negatively. Especially as one of the only black educators at my site, I want to be the educator who makes a positive influence on all students that walk in and out of my classroom.”
Joslyn Gipson

San Diego Elementary School


“From the moment Doug stepped onto the stage, it was evident that he captured the attention of our leaders. He caught the hearts of all. During his passionate and emotional speech, he shared his life’s journey filled with how he overcame challenges and leadership lessons rooted in resiliency, perseverance, and determination. Doug’s story is one to be shared with all and is a testimony to how we can learn to lead and accomplish our dreams, no matter the circumstances.”
Jenifer Calcamuggi

Shake Shack

Head of Learning